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Born to Joys

BornToJoys™ Household Mite Removal Vacuum Cleaner and Dirt

BornToJoys™ Household Mite Removal Vacuum Cleaner and Dirt

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THE BEST VACUUM CLEANER to fight dust mites and dirt in your home!

Introducing our innovative Cordless Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner, a cutting-edge solution for maintaining a clean and healthy home. Equipped with a HEPA filter, our vacuum effectively captures dust mites, which are too small to see but can cause significant allergic reactions. Designed as a dust mite vacuum for bed, it's perfect for targeting these critters that thrive in warm, humid environments.

Our product is the best dust mite vacuum for bed, featuring high suction power and a wireless mite remover, ensuring efficient and convenient cleaning. The advanced technology includes UV and pulsating pads, which are especially effective in neutralizing dust mite eggs and bringing hidden mites to the surface for removal.
As a mite remover vacuum, it addresses the entire lifecycle of dust mites, from eggs to adults. Furthermore, our Cordless Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner serves as a proactive measure in your fight against these allergens, providing relief and maintaining control over dust mite populations in your home.
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About this item

  • 【Compact and Lightweight】Small size design, about 975g net weight and with comfortable handle, it is effortless and convenient to use the handheld vacuum er to mattress, pillow, clothes, sofa, etc.
  • 【Built-in 2000mAh Lithium Battery】With a built-in 2000mAh re able lithium battery, this mattress vacuum er offers extended use for uninterrupted ing. Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled cords and enjoy the freedom of cordless ing.
  • 【2 Speeds Adjustable】The bed vacuum er supports 2 adjustable speeds. You can choose between low and high speed for efficient and effective ing. Enjoy a deep and thorough ing experience every time!
  • 【Deeper ing】The cordless vacuum er is equipped with purple light that can penetrate the mattress for deeper ing. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt, say hello to a er home, and enjoy a healthy life!
  • 【8000pa Suction Power】First, out the dust from deep of mattress, bed sheet, sofa, blanket and cushion, then thoroughly sucks them away. With an impressive 8000pa suction power, this handheld vacuum er can easily pick up even the tiniest particles.


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